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How Safe Is Your Pool?

According to the estimation of The National Swimming Pool Institute there are in the region of 1 million in ground pools in the U.S. Above ground pool are more popular with 3 million. This is all residential figures and not related to hotels, clubs, fitness, public or entertainment facilities. If you include them the figure is over 6 million.

Out of all these pools roughly 40, 000 people are treated in emergency care units due to in ground pool activities. The figure is less for above ground pools at close to 10K. Almost 3 quarters of injuries are to people below the age of 19. Oh and wouldnt you know, males make up far more injuries than females.

Most of these injuries are due to falls off diving boards, ladders, decks and on slippery runways. Yes, most of these people would have done well to pay attention to the NO RUNNING signs. A lot of injuries occur from jumping or diving head first into shallow water. If you want to attempt to break your neck - this is a good way of doing it.

Supervision is essential when it comes to young people and even those not so young, the 16-19 year olds who should know better. But we all know what its like to show-off and lose control every now and again. A lot of slips could be avoided by using non slip pavers and also by using non slip rubber mats. It also goes without saying you should never leave children unattended in the pool.

You should also consider using a fence or a barrier to prevent your children or neighbors from falling into the pool when you arent around. A strong pool cover will make it impossible for anyone to enter the pool. Make sure there is a way to latch the cover so no one can open it without the key.

But its not just accidents you need to think of. Dirty unsanitized water can spread hideous infections that can knock the stuffing out of you and even put you in a life threatening condition. RWIs (recreational water illnesses) such as Cryptosporidium can be contracted by swimming in bacteria infested water. If you swallow it, you can become very ill.

Chlorine and proper pool cleaning will eliminate these germs, but its important to test your water weekly or daily if new guests arrive. Its not always falls and drowning that are the major concerns with pools, but the actual condition of your water.

Futuristic Smart Home Kitchen Installers

Technology is inevitable. Technology works magic. Wondering how futuristic smart home kitchen will be through smart appliances? Kitchen is the hub of the modern home. You can achieve a futuristic smart home kitchen by adding smart appliances yet not spend a lot of money.

How would you like to be in in charge of your cooking while busy watching your favorite television program? You can turn on your meal and adjust its temperature. This can be achieved by owning a wemo-enabled slow cooker and a smart phone. This makes life easy, simple and convenient.

Buying a Sony Xperia tablet is an awesome idea. It aids in organizing your shopping list and aids in time saving tips. This comes in handy when you need to prepare a quick meal. The advantage of this tablet is that it can be rinsed if something spills on it. Having a pre pad in the kitchen is crucial to know the content in your meal. That is; fat, proteins and carbs. This is beneficial since you can determine if your meal is rich in nutrients. Owning an egg minder is should not be left behind. This will aid to detect how many eggs are in your kitchen as well as determine how fresh they are.

Have you ever thought what could be modified in a refrigerator and make it more functional, easy to use and be in a position to control it. Well, by having Smart Home Installers Jacksonville put in a smart fridge, the system can indicate what is inside it on a touch screen display without having to open it. The refrigerator can gather quality, quantity and the expiration date of the food already stored and food you are about to store.

There are benefits of having the smart appliances. Number one benefit is that you will always know the contents of the fridge when you are out buying groceries. Therefore saves money. Also, smart dryers will save on your bill as they can switch off automatically when the clothes dry.

In the future, your entire home will be connected. You will control everything in your kitchen; your vacuum cleaner and your door locks. It will be possible to recycle used water from the sink to be used by washing machine. Automated hydroponic system will be developed. This will aid in growing vegetables in the kitchen where you intend to cook them. There will be no need for soil or the sun.

The Undeniable Health Benefits Of Breathing Filtered Air

Air pollution is not just the exhaust fumes coming from a motor vehicle or smoke emitted from factories. It also includes  dust mites, spores of mold, pollens, and pet dander, all of which pose a considerable health hazard, especially for people suffering from various allergies and breathing difficulties such as asthma.

In order to deal with this epidemic effectively many manufacturers across the globe have introduced air purifier systems which are able to filter air through various mechanisms and utilization of variety of technologies. Let’s take a look at some of the most prominent benefits of having filtered air our dwelling spaces:

Reduction of Fine Particles Indoors

Indoor air often contains large quantities of microscopic particles that are much too small to be observed through our naked eyes. These fine particles are known as PM (particle pollution) that are formed by a complex mixture of airborne particles and liquid droplets composed of acid such as ammonium, black carbon, metals organic chemicals, nitrates, soil material and sulfates.

They are released into the air from motor vehicles, factories and other sources. Many of them are able to inject themselves deep into our lungs often causing inflammation through irritation of tissues and worsen the airways and circulatory systems in our bodies. The result of such exposure often leads to serious health risks, early death, low birth weight and indicators of cardiovascular diseases.

Through utilization of an air purifier with a true HEPA filter and a high CADR they can be prevented from entering in our homes and workplaces.

Kill Germs and Viruses, Make odors go away from indoors

Apart from the ability to filter air, many purifiers come with additional benefits such as UV and activated carbon. The UV (Ultra-violet) technology makes use of a light from a lamp in the air purification system to destroy harmful germs and viruses, keeping your indoors with a potentially clean supply of air to breath. The activated-carbon layer used in some air purifiers helps in removing odors and other contaminates such as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) including fumes from cooking, tobacco smoke, ozone, and smog.

Benefits for patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases

The Institute of Public Health in Copenhagen’s study of the latest HEPA filters used nowadays shows an overall marked improvement for patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases. The air filtration reduces burden from the respiratory system of the body, which results in better functioning of micro-vascular tissues.

The study also indicated that appliances were able to remove as much as 60% of all ultrafine and coarse particles from the air. This led to health improvements in as many as 21 pairs of test subjects suffering from cardiovascular diseases. Conclusion

With as many as 40 million people suffering from various types of allergies cause by contaminants and fine particles present indoors, it is essential that we filter air in our homes to keep ourselves safe and healthy. The best way to ensure that is to install air purification system at our homes and workplaces that use multiple stage of filtration and deliver a high CADR (clean air delivery rate).

Signs Your Home Appliances Need Attention

In this day and age, we can't and do not want to live without our home appliances. You rely on them daily more than anything else to keep your life going. You need to appreciate how dependent you are on your oven, dishwasher, water heater, washing machine, refrigerator, and freezer. It is not until your appliance breaks down that you suddenly realize just how much you have relied on it.

You should, therefore, know when to go for a home appliance replacement and when you should schedule an appliance repair. For repair, here are tips, ideas, and signs to look for and check before deciding if you need a technician, need to dispose of the machine or check that your appliance just needs a simple repair which you can do for yourself.

Your home appliance wont turn on

Your home appliances may fail to activate. Before you call an appliance repair service, you need to check whether the device is plugged in, possibly trying to plug in at another socket for a double check, or is the circuit breaker turned on. If this troubleshooting tip is not solving the problem, it is time to call the home appliance technicians.

You receive high utility bills

The high utility bill is also another sign that your home appliances need attention. You purchased your home appliances to save you money. So you need to contact a repair service to get them back in working order and reduce your energy bills.

You experience other signs of malfunction

Home appliances come with a variety of parts that work together to accomplish the task at hand. So, if any of those parts start to act strangely, it a clear warning that you need to find out what is causing them to act as such. For instance, an oven that takes longer than normal to preheat, a fridge that is warm, a washing machine that is louder and a dryer that keeps clothes wet are all signs that a service or repair is needed.

If you experience any of the signs that we have highlighted above, you can decide to fix the problem yourself or call a technician to help you correct the problem on your behalf. Choose a professional appliance repair san antonio tx service as they have experience in refrigerator repair, washer repair, dryer repair, washing machine repair, dishwasher repair, and servicing of any home appliance you may have.

Should You Purchase A Maintenance Plan When You Buy An Air Conditioner?

It is an important decision to buy an air conditioner for your home. There are so many factors that are important in taking this long term decision. One of the important questions that arises when looking for an AC is “should you purchase a maintenance plan when you buy an air conditioner”.

Air conditioner is an important accessory and it is used in most homes around the world. Because it is used extensively, it also often requires repairs and regular maintenance visits to perform at its top capacity. Here, we mention a few reasons that should help you make a decision about buying a maintenance plan along with an air conditioner.

Improved Air Quality

It is often difficult to clean the grills of your air conditioner and ensure that it has a clean air filter. Regular maintenance allows these activities to happen in a scheduled manner. This means that you are able to live with improved air quality which does not drop because of your lax behavior. You will also be free from worrying about cleaning the AC unit before it becomes clogged.

So, should you purchase a maintenance plan when you buy an air conditioner? The answer is yes, as you will have less maintenance concerns and better air quality without any hassle.

Consistent Energy Efficiency

A very important factor in terms of maintenance is the amount of electricity that your air conditioner consumes. Usually, air conditioners lose their efficiency as they are used over time due to clogged lines and choked internal airways. Regular maintenance can be easily availed any time of the day if a maintenance plan is present for an air conditioner.

This allows you to consistently run your air conditioner at its maximum energy efficiency ratio and ensures that you are only paying what is the absolute must for cooling your home or the office.

No Breakdowns

Sudden breakdowns when they are least expected, can truly put you in a difficult situation. An air conditioner breakdown on a hot summer day can really make a room undesirable to be in and force you to change your plans for the day.

This is the primary reason for saying yes to the question, should you purchase a maintenance plan when you buy an air conditioner as your maintenance plan saves you from such breakdowns. Regular inspections are able to identify a problem and resolve it before they cause a breakdown.

Saving Money on Repairs

When air conditioners get old, they require repair and servicing. In this case, you can save a lot of money on repairs because timely treatment allows you to stay away from calling an expensive mechanic in case of an emergency air conditioner failure.

This means that a proper and well documented maintenance plan provides you value for money and ensures that you save a lot as any failure in your product is easily remedied in the case of a well defined warranty.

Increasing the Product Lifespan

A maintenance plan is certainly the answer to enjoying a long life for your air conditioner. The question of should you purchase a maintenance plan when you buy an air conditioner is automatically answered when you are able to ensure that your AC will run durably and it will be repaired as soon as such a need arises.

We believe that it is essential to invest in a maintenance plan to keep all your air conditioners running smoothly for sustained periods.


Characteristics Of The Best Appliance Repair Companies

Your fridge stops cooling the night before you're hosting a major event at your home.

Your washing machine won't stop leaking, and it's flooding your laundry room.

The oven in your restaurant kitchen isn't cooking to the right temperature, which means guests keep sending food back.

You need a dryer repair now as your restaurant tableclothes are washed but not dry

Whether you are a homeowner or the owner or manager of a business, there are myriad reasons why you might need an appliance fixed as soon as possible. So how can you find a company that can work with your accelerated schedule?

You probably know a number of different ways to locate an appliance repair professional. You might call friends or fellow business owners for recommendations. You might flip open the phone book to see who's nearby. Or you might go online and search for appliance repair companies in your area.

Whatever method you use, if you want the fastest service possible, look for a few key characteristics.

Same-Day/Next-Day Service

The most obvious sign that a company can meet your turnaround time needs is if they proudly advertise same-day or next day service. Same-day and next-day service mean just that: a technician will be out to your property either the day you placed a call or the next day to begin the repair process. Be aware, however, that same-day service doesn't necessarily mean your problem is guaranteed to be resolved that same day.

Emergency Service

A company that advertises 24/7 or emergency appliance repair service is promising to get to you as soon as possible not only during business hours, but outside of business hours, as well. So you don't have to fret about waiting until office hours to get your appliances repaired.

Proximity to You

It might seem obvious, but the closer an appliance repair company is to you, the sooner a technician can get to your home or business to begin repairs. Check the address before you call, and if it's not a location you're familiar with, plug it into an online map to get a sense of the area.

Size of Repair Team

Depending on your area, a one-man appliance repair operation might be more likely to be completely booked up than a company with multiple technicians. Look for companies that openly say they have many different experts that can fix any appliance. Any website that uses "I" more than "we" should be avoided. Its likely to be a single individual rather than a company.

Robot Vacuum, To Buy Or Not To Buy?

Robotic vacuum cleaners are indeed a step ahead in technology—using infra-red beams and collision detectors to maneuver themselves within the room while undeniably cleaning them. However, with prices differing from traditional manually guided vacuum cleaners, the question arises: whether to buy one or not?

Let’s take a look at the advantage and disadvantage for robot vacuum cleaners and see if purchasing one for your home is a suitable decision or not:


  • While manually guiding a traditionally operated vacuum cleaner can be tiring enough for some to be called as a household chore, a robot vacuum cleaner does all the work by itself.
  • Compact and easy to carry
  • Many models are easily able to detect and pick up debris types like: flour, human hairs, pet fur, thin garlic skins, and toast crumbs, until none is left.
  • Latest models are able to run for a couple of hours before needing to recharge their batteries.
  • Cleaning times can be scheduled automatically, meaning you are now officially off duty for cleaning the floors.
  • Additional features like mopping, spot-clean-up, and multiple passes on a single spot makes them all the more adorable and convenient.
  • Many come with a charging station, to which they return quickly when they are about to run out of juice to get their batteries charged, smart!
  • Some of them are equipped with a Smartphone or a tablet application that connects the robot vacuum with your location’s Wi-Fi, allowing control through phone and other programmable options.
  • Robot vacuum cleaners are easy to repair and upgrade.


  • High pile carpets or surfaces with an inch more in height are at times too thick for the wheels of the robot, making it difficult for it to traverse.
  • At times robot vacuums do get stuck in tight corners, looking like a beached whale asking for help, taking the convenience out of convenient.
  • Larger rooms can become quite a challenge to clean, whereas smaller rooms are just ideal.
  • Bumping into fragile floor decoration like vases might just make a homeowner mad enough to clean the room by themselves.
  • Uneven surface with more than 30⁰ to 35⁰ will make the robot vacuum cleaner go crazy.
  • Pricey and costly compared to the best in line of various standard vacuum cleaners.
  • Recharging time can be more than 2 hours.


While a true automatic robot vacuum cleaner is still somewhere residing in the near future, whether to purchase them or not is simply a matter of personal requirements and expectations. If you live in a house with small rooms, leveled flooring and hard surfaces — minus the rugs and carpet, then a slow moving, little expensive and noisy at times ‘Robotto’ is probably the best choice for you.

However, if you have larger rooms, with full lush carpets and expensive fragile decorations which no pet or child of yours is allowed to meddle with, then a more powerful and less expensive top of the line standard vacuum cleaner is the perfect choice for you.




Do You Know About The Classy French Press Coffee Maker?

There is nothing better than having a freshly brewed cup of hot coffee in the morning!

Unfortunately, many people are not able to enjoy the perfect coffee at home with their electric drip coffee maker. They can if they switch to a french press coffee maker . The classy French press originally comes from European homes and is known as a coffee plunger in countries like Australia and New Zealand.

Why go French?

Simple—because you get better coffee!

This is because coffee ground beans are boiled in extremely hot water, which allows for full flavor extraction. Additionally, this type of coffee maker does not come with a paper filter, which further helps in retaining coffee bean oils—allowing you to enjoy coffee in its most authentic form.

Brew your perfect coffee!

For that perfect cup of coffee, you can either grind the beans yourself or purchase a coffee grinder for a medium to coarse result. However, avoid finely coarse coffee beans as it will ooze off in your coffees, as it will make it muddy with coffee ground particles floating at the top.

How to pick the right French press?

With a large variety of French press coffee maker available in the market, it can often become difficult to pick the right one. So, how can you decide? Here are three ways that you can use when determining your French press.

·         Is it glass or plastic?

Are you planning to go camping or travel around with your French press? If yes, then opt for a plastic French press. If no, then a glass one would do. Going on trips with fragile items such as a glass French press will require you to be extra careful, as chances of these breaking are high. Therefore, opt for plastic material as it allows you to travel stress free without worrying about the bumps and falls!

·         Evaluate the size

As a matter of fact, the larger your French press, the more it will cost. If you plan on making coffee for a number of people, then investing in a large French press is justifiable. However, if you are the only coffee drinking person in the house, then getting a medium French press and filling it halfway is a better choice.

·         Aesthetics

After you conclude the glass versus plastic debate and pick the perfect size, the last thing you would want to determine are the aesthetics. Does it look good on your counter or office table? No matter what you consider under this section, it will in NO way impact the taste/flavor of your coffee.  

Convenience is another advantage of this type of coffee maker as it makes cleaning and rinsing easy! 

Unlike other coffee making machines, such as the espresso—a French press is relatively inexpensive. In fact, a good quality French press will cost you a fraction of espresso machines. So, if you are not satisfied with one type of French press coffee maker, you can easily get another!