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4 Organizers You May Need For Your Closet

Trying to keep your closet in order can be quite frustrating, which is why buying an organizer should be at the very top of your to-do list. There are many different types available, which means that you will really have to shop around. In case you need a little help, here are four types of organizers you may want to consider.

Plastic Bins

These can be found all over the place, and they come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. While it used to be customary to store things in shoe boxes, this is a better way to do the same thing. These are particularly useful because they can prevent water and smoke damage when sealed tightly.

Hanging Bags

You have probably seen shoe racks and suit carriers that are similar to the hanging bags referred to here. These are soft, portable bags that hang in the closet and act as a storage space. Many of them are fitted with shelves, drawers and pockets. This means that you have plenty of places to put all of the things that you want out of sight.

Custom Organizers

Whether you believe it or not, there are companies out there that allow people to design their own organizers. All you have to do is let them know what your needs are and provide them with a few measurements. Once you receive the organizer, it is your responsibility to install it on your own. The great thing about this is the fact that it is pretty simple to do, which means that you will not have to hire a pro to help you. If you do want to hire a pro, contact Closet Wizards.

Extra Shelves

If you believe that your closet would benefit from having a few more shelves put in there, you should definitely consider this easy DIY project. You can walk into any home goods store and find various shelf units that have easy to follow instructions. You will be able to add much-needed room in your closet and they are usually fairly inexpensive.

While you have probably complained numerous times about the lack of space in your closet, you have probably figured there was nothing that could be done about it, which is absolutely incorrect. If you are seeking ways to organize your closet and keep everything in manageable order, you should try one or more of the organizer types mentioned here.

Characteristics Of The Best Appliance Repair Companies

Your fridge stops cooling the night before you're hosting a major event at your home.

Your washing machine won't stop leaking, and it's flooding your laundry room.

The oven in your restaurant kitchen isn't cooking to the right temperature, which means guests keep sending food back.

You need a dryer repair now as your restaurant tableclothes are washed but not dry

Whether you are a homeowner or the owner or manager of a business, there are myriad reasons why you might need an appliance fixed as soon as possible. So how can you find a company that can work with your accelerated schedule?

You probably know a number of different ways to locate an appliance repair professional. You might call friends or fellow business owners for recommendations. You might flip open the phone book to see who's nearby. Or you might go online and search for appliance repair companies in your area.

Whatever method you use, if you want the fastest service possible, look for a few key characteristics.

Same-Day/Next-Day Service

The most obvious sign that a company can meet your turnaround time needs is if they proudly advertise same-day or next day service. Same-day and next-day service mean just that: a technician will be out to your property either the day you placed a call or the next day to begin the repair process. Be aware, however, that same-day service doesn't necessarily mean your problem is guaranteed to be resolved that same day.

Emergency Service

A company that advertises 24/7 or emergency appliance repair service is promising to get to you as soon as possible not only during business hours, but outside of business hours, as well. So you don't have to fret about waiting until office hours to get your appliances repaired.

Proximity to You

It might seem obvious, but the closer an appliance repair company is to you, the sooner a technician can get to your home or business to begin repairs. Check the address before you call, and if it's not a location you're familiar with, plug it into an online map to get a sense of the area.

Size of Repair Team

Depending on your area, a one-man appliance repair operation might be more likely to be completely booked up than a company with multiple technicians. Look for companies that openly say they have many different experts that can fix any appliance. Any website that uses "I" more than "we" should be avoided. Its likely to be a single individual rather than a company.

Traditional Vs. Innovative: Why Air Powered Lifts Look Better

If you put a brick and a test tube beside one another and look at them closely, which of the two would you say looks more aesthetically pleasing? That scenario can be likened to comparing a traditional pulley-system elevator with an air powered lift. The latter, of course, is the newer kind that was brought to life thanks to advances in science and technology, particularly with vacuum technology. Indeed, that's the kind most would say looks more visually appealing.

The science behind the design of these lifts has been made clear. No doubt they were designed with both efficiency and safety in mind. However, a great amount of effort has also been put into making them look as nice as possible. They've been built not to just amaze you with what they can do but also, to amaze you, period. And they've certainly accomplished that to a certain extent.

So how exactly do air powered lifts edge out their traditional counterparts in terms of aesthetics? It all starts with the material used. Almost all innovative lifts are cylindrical in shape, which is why they;re also referred to as 'circular lifts' or 'round lifts'. The mere fact they're predominantly made of glass adds the elements of sophistication and elegance. There are those designed with an exterior made of polycarbonate and aluminium panels, which grants more resilience to the tube. The cabin, meanwhile, is a structure composed of solid welded steel, and this provides a sure-footed experience. It has inside the same features as traditional elevators do: simple lift controls, ventilation, lighting and a telephone.

Another plus of air powered lifts is that they have much less to hide than their old-school equivalents. Everything that is needed to lower or raise the lift car is found right within the tube. These lifts easily retain their cylindrical shape and have no wire, weights or pulleys to 'ruin' their appearance. On the other hand, for any traditional elevator, there are all these nuts and bolts that are considered eyesores and are better off concealed by concrete. It must be stressed, however, that majority of them have been designed and assembled with a prime focus on functionality.

Finally, one of the best perks of air powered lifts is the wide-angle view. Every vertical trip along a beautifully designed outer tube allows almost a 360-degree view from inside the lift car. These lifts are built to take in as much natural light as possible, which makes them a great addition to homes that are light-filled or situated on a picturesque countryside. They can serve as fancy house decorations while also providing convenient transportation between floors. Their clean look and contemporary style make them compatible with modern and classic homes alike.

It's true that both kinds of elevators provide the same service, even though they function in different ways. It's also true that along with the science, aesthetics have played a role in the overall appreciation of air powered lifts. Both, however, share another thing in common acting as symbols of the world back in the day and the world nowadays.

Robot Vacuum, To Buy Or Not To Buy?

Robotic vacuum cleaners are indeed a step ahead in technology—using infra-red beams and collision detectors to maneuver themselves within the room while undeniably cleaning them. However, with prices differing from traditional manually guided vacuum cleaners, the question arises: whether to buy one or not?

Let’s take a look at the advantage and disadvantage for robot vacuum cleaners and see if purchasing one for your home is a suitable decision or not:


  • While manually guiding a traditionally operated vacuum cleaner can be tiring enough for some to be called as a household chore, a robot vacuum cleaner does all the work by itself.
  • Compact and easy to carry
  • Many models are easily able to detect and pick up debris types like: flour, human hairs, pet fur, thin garlic skins, and toast crumbs, until none is left.
  • Latest models are able to run for a couple of hours before needing to recharge their batteries.
  • Cleaning times can be scheduled automatically, meaning you are now officially off duty for cleaning the floors.
  • Additional features like mopping, spot-clean-up, and multiple passes on a single spot makes them all the more adorable and convenient.
  • Many come with a charging station, to which they return quickly when they are about to run out of juice to get their batteries charged, smart!
  • Some of them are equipped with a Smartphone or a tablet application that connects the robot vacuum with your location’s Wi-Fi, allowing control through phone and other programmable options.
  • Robot vacuum cleaners are easy to repair and upgrade.


  • High pile carpets or surfaces with an inch more in height are at times too thick for the wheels of the robot, making it difficult for it to traverse.
  • At times robot vacuums do get stuck in tight corners, looking like a beached whale asking for help, taking the convenience out of convenient.
  • Larger rooms can become quite a challenge to clean, whereas smaller rooms are just ideal.
  • Bumping into fragile floor decoration like vases might just make a homeowner mad enough to clean the room by themselves.
  • Uneven surface with more than 30⁰ to 35⁰ will make the robot vacuum cleaner go crazy.
  • Pricey and costly compared to the best in line of various standard vacuum cleaners.
  • Recharging time can be more than 2 hours.


While a true automatic robot vacuum cleaner is still somewhere residing in the near future, whether to purchase them or not is simply a matter of personal requirements and expectations. If you live in a house with small rooms, leveled flooring and hard surfaces — minus the rugs and carpet, then a slow moving, little expensive and noisy at times ‘Robotto’ is probably the best choice for you.

However, if you have larger rooms, with full lush carpets and expensive fragile decorations which no pet or child of yours is allowed to meddle with, then a more powerful and less expensive top of the line standard vacuum cleaner is the perfect choice for you.




Installing An Indoor Security Camera In The Workplace

No matter how hard they try, business owners will always find it challenging to monitor every area in their office. Most of them resulted to using surveillance systems to ensure that their people are doing the work expected from them. Even when the bosses are not around, they can see everything that is happening. These days, more than 50% of business owners prefer this kind of management approach.

The question is whether or not installing an indoor security camera or two is a good idea. There are certain advantages and disadvantages that come with this move so it is always best to take a look at both sides before installing new equipment in the workplace. It starts with legal issues surrounding the ethical nature of these cameras. Some employees consider surveillance monitoring as a violation of their rights. If these were to be installed in the workplace, a security camera can only be placed in areas where workers don't have an expectation of privacy.

The advantages of having an indoor security camera start with the reduction of inappropriate and illegal behavior, especially if the employees know that units have been installed throughout the space. It would be better if these people are clueless about the installation as business owners can catch any wrongdoings and have valuable evidence that they can use for legal action. Some examples of the in-office concerns that an indoor security camera can help bosses manage include theft and shrinkage, harassment, and adherence to the company policy.

Having an indoor security camera or two can also have its fair share of disadvantages. Especially when it comes to small-scale businesses, most owners decide against the installation of these devices because it can easily create an environment of distrust, which is detrimental to daily operations. Especially when workers are performing well, seeing a camera here and there will make them feel invalidated for their efforts. Aside from employee retention, this can also decrease worker productivity over time.

For offices like digital marketing agencies that foster creativity and free thinking, having an indoor security camera to monitor every motion of its employees can cause a sphere of insecurity and doubt. An employee who feels like his every action is being checked will be less likely to think outside of the box. Coming up with creative solutions can be difficult when the mind is not free to roam. Instead of fostering productivity, having the camera around may produce opposite results.

Before getting an indoor security camera for the office, it would be best for the company to assess first whether it is really necessary. If there are cases of theft and the like happening then this is enough reason to install the device.

Garden Design For The Modern House

Have you ever wanted to give your garden a makeover, and transform it into a modern day, sleek part of your house? Doing so might be considerably easier than you imagined. Below we list our top tips for garden designs fit for the modern house.

Colour schemes for your new garden:
Designing a new garden is like an artist being handed a blank canvass, there are so many options all on the table at once and it can be hard to know where to go. We recommend that you stick to a simple colour scheme, going for light, traditional colours. White and green is a combination that works particularly well. To keep the modern look you should paint all exposed brick to add a layer of texture to your design, and ensure all patios and paths are white, perhaps by using pale limestone or white coloured gravel. This will produce a fantastic contrast with different shades of green from plant matter. 

Plants for your new garden:
To get an edgy, modern look you need to use a variety of plants and arrange them in a slightly artistic way. We recommend using repeat patterns of plants to give a solid sense of structure to your garden, but to couple this with use of a variety of different colours and plant types. Another idea is to make use of steadfast 'glue plants' which will last the entire year, such as Verbena Bonariensis. This will add a year round dash of purple to your garden. 

Finishing touches to your new garden:
Make sure that your garden is well lit so it looks as fantastic in the dark as it does during the day. A tip we'd suggest is to focus spotlights onto exposed painted brick, the texture of the brick looks fantastic under the light. Couple this with trendy solar lights dotted about and make sure your lighting highlights your planting design. Ensure that you break up horizontal lines in fencing so that your garden doesn't feel too entrapped. There is always space for well fitting ornaments and furniture. A driftwood bench or a worn plough can look great amongst the minimalist white and green backdrop. We'd also recommend using composite decking from in your garden, both for durability and for ease of painting to match your colour scheme. Our final piece of advice would be to think through every decision you make carefully. Often in gardening, fads pop in and out of existence from summer to summer; you want your garden to be fabulous for years to come, not just the months in the near future!

You're now ready to transform your garden into a patch of land thats worthy of an edgy, trendy modern house. Best of luck, we're sure it's going to look amazing!

New Window Shutters Are The Best Choice I Ever Made For My Home

When we first bought our home, it was because I loved the location and the views we had from the living room among other things. However, there were a few issues that I knew we would have to deal with. The original owner of the house used thick drapes in most rooms to block out the sunlight, along with the gorgeous mountain scenery! Although they took those unsightly drapes with them, I did not want to leave the windows bare.

I started looking around online to see what my options were for replacing them. There were several things on my list of considerations, including that I wanted to be able to check out the scenery whenever I wanted to. However, this did not mean that I wanted to have bare windows and summer heat waving in all of the time.

Although I could have used the same style drapes the previous owner did, these do not match my personality nor the look I wanted to create inside of my new home. Plastic blinds were not in line with the look I wanted to create either, and I continued to search for the best window treatments for the house.

It was important to me that they were both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Fortunately, one of my husband's co-workers suggested plantation shutters and I fell in love with them! These were definitely one of the best choices we made in our redecorating efforts for the new house. There are several reasons that I really like them, and I simply cannot imagine a better choice for our home!

First of all, these coverings are gorgeous. We had them custom designed and the wood matches the trim in each room of the house, bringing the look together well. Not only that, the contractor did a great job of making sure that they fit well and tie together each room and the home overall.

The shutters do a fantastic job of keeping the sunlight out when closed. I don't have to worry about the UV rays damaging the carpet and furnishings due to prolonged exposure. This is a big problem for people who use light curtains and similar window treatments.

However, when I am ready to open the view to the world, they are super easy and simple to open up. In the early morning, I love to sip on my coffee and wake up while watching the sun rise over the mountains and hills through the windows in our breakfast nook.

During the winter time, they help to control the temperature so that we do not have to spend as much on our heating costs as we would otherwise. This is just one more benefit to the shutters I already adore.

I am so glad that my husband and I chose to install plantation shutters throughout our new home. They are attractive and functional, which is a winning combination in my book!

Do You Know About The Classy French Press Coffee Maker?

There is nothing better than having a freshly brewed cup of hot coffee in the morning!

Unfortunately, many people are not able to enjoy the perfect coffee at home with their electric drip coffee maker. They can if they switch to a french press coffee maker . The classy French press originally comes from European homes and is known as a coffee plunger in countries like Australia and New Zealand.

Why go French?

Simple—because you get better coffee!

This is because coffee ground beans are boiled in extremely hot water, which allows for full flavor extraction. Additionally, this type of coffee maker does not come with a paper filter, which further helps in retaining coffee bean oils—allowing you to enjoy coffee in its most authentic form.

Brew your perfect coffee!

For that perfect cup of coffee, you can either grind the beans yourself or purchase a coffee grinder for a medium to coarse result. However, avoid finely coarse coffee beans as it will ooze off in your coffees, as it will make it muddy with coffee ground particles floating at the top.

How to pick the right French press?

With a large variety of French press coffee maker available in the market, it can often become difficult to pick the right one. So, how can you decide? Here are three ways that you can use when determining your French press.

·         Is it glass or plastic?

Are you planning to go camping or travel around with your French press? If yes, then opt for a plastic French press. If no, then a glass one would do. Going on trips with fragile items such as a glass French press will require you to be extra careful, as chances of these breaking are high. Therefore, opt for plastic material as it allows you to travel stress free without worrying about the bumps and falls!

·         Evaluate the size

As a matter of fact, the larger your French press, the more it will cost. If you plan on making coffee for a number of people, then investing in a large French press is justifiable. However, if you are the only coffee drinking person in the house, then getting a medium French press and filling it halfway is a better choice.

·         Aesthetics

After you conclude the glass versus plastic debate and pick the perfect size, the last thing you would want to determine are the aesthetics. Does it look good on your counter or office table? No matter what you consider under this section, it will in NO way impact the taste/flavor of your coffee.  

Convenience is another advantage of this type of coffee maker as it makes cleaning and rinsing easy! 

Unlike other coffee making machines, such as the espresso—a French press is relatively inexpensive. In fact, a good quality French press will cost you a fraction of espresso machines. So, if you are not satisfied with one type of French press coffee maker, you can easily get another!