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What You Should Know When Buying Garden Hose Quick Connects

A garden hose quick connect is not a house maintenance tool that should be taken for granted. It might be a small tool, but dont let its size fool you. If youre looking for an easy way to water the plants in your garden, keep the grass of your front lawn green and fresh, wash your car, driveway, or side of your house, a quick connect can be very helpful.

How does a garden hose quick connect work? First, these quick connect hose fittings work in pairs so that they can attach garden hoses to other devices or equipment. Usually when you get a set of quick connect hose fittings, you get two types of fittings: a male one and a female one. Of course, these objects dont have any sexual orientation, but when it comes to fastening tools, in the mechanical manufacturing industry, these are the terminologies that people use.

Heres why: the male quick connect fitting goes inside the female quick connect fitting, thus connecting into one another. Keeping up with the nature of the terminologies used to describe fastening tools that use this kind of connection, the process wherein the two quick connects attach to one another is to mate. Once the male and the female quick connect hose fittings mate, the garden hose is ready to be used as intended.

Because quick connects are an integral part of your tool kit, you dont just buy any kind of quick connect. You dont just want to get something thats shaped closely to quick connect fittings and expect them to work on your garden hoses the way that actual quick connect fittings would. What usually would determine what quick connect fittings someone would get, aside from the price, is the material used in the making of the quick connect fittings. There are two most common materials used for quick connect fittings: plastic and brass.

Plastic proves to be the cheaper of the two. For those looking for quick connect hose fittings at a guaranteed affordable price, plastic quick connect hose fittings are the option to choose. However, while you may be able to save money by purchasing quick connect hose fittings made from plastic, the durability is not very good. Plastic fittings are known to quickly wear out because of exposure to a mixed variety of chemicals and elements every time garden hoses are being used. They also have that risk of easily developing water leaks. And of course, leaks equal spilled, unused water which may contribute to an unnecessarily high water bill.

The most durable material used to make a garden house quick connect and the best type of quick connect hose fittings to find are brass fittings. With brass, prices may be higher as compared to plastic fittings, but it more than makes up for this with its durability. Whereas others can last only a short time, brass quick connects are known to last for a very long time.

Some brass fittings are even said to be strong enough to withstand a lifetime of use. The endurance of a brass fitting and their resistance to decay due to overuse or exposure to whatever can damage other kinds of quick connect fittings is what makes them a popular choice among both customers and manufacturers alike. A brass hose quick connect is considered a heavy duty product and thus is very sturdy and resistant to whatever type of wear and tear or use and abuse it may come across.

A brass hose quick connect water fitting is also easy to attach and fit to any garden hose. The tight, firm attachment of a quick connect to another piece of equipment also proves that with a brass hose quick content, there is very little to no chance of leaks. Thus, you can be assured that your water bill will not be wasted on any water loss from a garden hose due to a problem with the quick connect.

Always consider these factors when buying a garden hose quick connect set. Remember that above everything else, efficiency, durability, and prevention of leaks are the most important things to consider when shopping around for a garden hose quick connect. Find the right balance of cost and reliability to make a good investment when you buy your quick connect hose fittings.


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