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The Different Benefits Of Hiring A Static Security Guard Service For Business Premises

Companies in the 21st century, both large and small, will face one identical factor on a daily basis - the need for security against the constant threat of theft and violence. While the geographical area of the business will contribute to the level of security required, the fact of the matter is that security is always a beneficial option. Security alarm systems are the typical measures used with successful results; however, the use of a security guard can add an extra layer of security for any company. This article will provide information on the various advantages to hiring a static security guard service for business premises.

1. A Deterrent To Crime

Research has shown that the presence of a security guard is a deterrent for thieves as it provides an increased sense of security. Security guards are associated with authority and protection; therefore, a criminal is less likely to rob or attack a guarded premise than an unguarded one based on the perception. Studies have further shown that employers, employees, and consumers will feel safer and be more productive in premises that 'feel safer than the others'. This is particularly beneficial for companies with valuable merchandise or located in high-risk areas.

2. Handling Criminal Activity

While static security guards do not engage in movement around the premises, they do receive the same training as their 'mobile' companions. All security guards receive specific levels of training when it comes to responding to criminal activity. The static security guard, dependent on their original service company, are typically able to take down details and contact the police readily. Although the ability to detain criminals is available, but not to such a degree as the armed guards.

This does not mean static security guards are 'not worth the time'; not at all! In fact, the static security guard has a high sense of observation and will be able to memorize details of the criminal to provide to police if required. As in the crime television shows, this security guard is able to sit down with the sketch artist and draft a detailed picture; as well as sharing the memorized car license plate if needed. Security guards are beneficial in handling crime sensibly and capably should the situation arise.

3. Customer Service Ambassadors

The role of static security guards is to typically remain as a sentry to control access to particular points of the premises, which means they will be subjected to a vast amount of interaction with clients. In this scenario, it is possible for security guards in businesses to act as a customer service ambassador for the company. The guard may be able to direct people to certain products if necessary; as well as assisting the customer in reaching the correct location. By hiring personable and capable guards, your company will provide customers with a secure, high-quality customer service.

Final Words On The Matter

Security is no laughing matter for any business; therefore, it is important to consider the use of security systems and guards. The benefits above will help you make an informed decision as to whether a hiring security guard is suitable for your needs.


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