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New Curtains? Here Are Some Window Treatment Options For You

The window treatment you choose depends on what end result youd like.

Before making any purchases, decide on what style you want. Airy, cozy, dark, light, the list is quite large. After you have chosen your style, youll want to consider how much light and privacy you want. When these decisions are made, consider color, fabric, hardware needed, and your windows shape and size, Here are some ways to achieve the look you have been dreaming about.

Less light and energy savings Somfysystems says a heavier material is excellent for blocking light and saving on utilities, which can be found in thermal and blackout curtains.

Thermal curtains provide dual energy savings through their ability to cool your home when you close them in the summer, and warm your home when you open them to let in the winter sunlight.

Blackout curtains are wonderful for periods of relaxation and if you are prone to migraines. Large, open, airy room If you want an open space that lets in a great deal of natural light, sheer fabrics mixed with a light curtain rod are perfect.

To make your room look grander and your ceilings higher, use panels on large windows, sliding glass or French doors. Place them right above the window or door, says somfysystems.

Elegant and formal

For a well put together look that youd would even make your boss proud, choose velvet or silk curtains with a heavy curtain rod. If silk is too hard to maintain, you can also buy faux silk.

Somfysystems suggests you pair panels with a decorative rod to give nearly every room in your house a sophisticated look.

Busy areas

For frequently used areas, like your bathroom or kitchen, you may want to use tiers. These allow light in the upper two thirds of your window, while covering the lower third. This keeps your space open and airy, but maintains privacy, says somfysystems.

Suitable for children or pets

If you have children or pets, you should purchase curtains that are made from cotton or rayon. These are easier to wash, durable, and affordable, says somfysystems.

To keep your children safe while creating your stylish room, ensure all hardware, including hanging bars, are securely installed. If your curtain rod is longer than four inches, make sure it is supported by studs and not sheetrock. Sheetrock may lead to curtains, and their hardware, falling even if you use anchors, says simplysmartliving.

Do not use spring-loaded curtain rods if you have a child old enough to reach them. The pressure in these rods, and their removable caps, can injure your child or become a choking hazard, simplysmartliving advises. For your childs safety, bundle floor-length curtains in a stylish design that meshes with your room. Your home is your masterpiece. It tells anyone who visits a lot about you, and what you value. Take your time, prepare, and go for the design that says exactly what you want. Click Here


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