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How Safe Is Your Pool?

According to the estimation of The National Swimming Pool Institute there are in the region of 1 million in ground pools in the U.S. Above ground pool are more popular with 3 million. This is all residential figures and not related to hotels, clubs, fitness, public or entertainment facilities. If you include them the figure is over 6 million.

Out of all these pools roughly 40, 000 people are treated in emergency care units due to in ground pool activities. The figure is less for above ground pools at close to 10K. Almost 3 quarters of injuries are to people below the age of 19. Oh and wouldnt you know, males make up far more injuries than females.

Most of these injuries are due to falls off diving boards, ladders, decks and on slippery runways. Yes, most of these people would have done well to pay attention to the NO RUNNING signs. A lot of injuries occur from jumping or diving head first into shallow water. If you want to attempt to break your neck - this is a good way of doing it.

Supervision is essential when it comes to young people and even those not so young, the 16-19 year olds who should know better. But we all know what its like to show-off and lose control every now and again. A lot of slips could be avoided by using non slip pavers and also by using non slip rubber mats. It also goes without saying you should never leave children unattended in the pool.

You should also consider using a fence or a barrier to prevent your children or neighbors from falling into the pool when you arent around. A strong pool cover will make it impossible for anyone to enter the pool. Make sure there is a way to latch the cover so no one can open it without the key.

But its not just accidents you need to think of. Dirty unsanitized water can spread hideous infections that can knock the stuffing out of you and even put you in a life threatening condition. RWIs (recreational water illnesses) such as Cryptosporidium can be contracted by swimming in bacteria infested water. If you swallow it, you can become very ill.

Chlorine and proper pool cleaning will eliminate these germs, but its important to test your water weekly or daily if new guests arrive. Its not always falls and drowning that are the major concerns with pools, but the actual condition of your water.


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