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How I Enjoy My Added Privacy With Interior Window Shutters

Living right by the sidewalk was never a major issue for me until I was sitting at home one day and noticed how many people start to look in the window while they walk by. This led me to think about how many people are actually looking in the window and starting to poke fun at me because of what I am doing. Then I started to think about what kind of invasion of privacy this was for me. To stop this I decided to install interior window shutters and wanted to share with everyone my choice of doing this installation.

When I first installed these the main difference that I noticed was they still had the light coming into the room, through the slits. So it was slightly filtered light, but it was still coming into the home. However, the next thing I noticed was the amount of people who were able to see into my home now was zero. When I saw this I realized just how much I loved the shutters because I was finally able to get the quiet that I wanted to have and not have to be concerned about people looking in on me all the time.

Something else that I really enjoy with this type of shutter in addition to the privacy is the fact that they are stylish. At first, I had my doubts if they would be stylish at all. However, I quickly saw that this was a great way for me to add in my privacy and not lose any of the great looks I wanted to have in my home. So this is something I really liked to have because I love being on the cutting edge of all the latest trends for the home.

Living right on the sidewalk has some advantages. At the same time, though, it has quite a few drawbacks as well. The primary drawback that I have is the fact that everyone could see right into my kitchen when I was trying to sit and read the paper and make my meals. Normally I would not care, but when I have seen people staring it was really upsetting to me. This is when I decided to add some privacy to my home with interior window shutters. By using these shutters, I was finally able to get some privacy and know that my home would feel like my own and not like a fish bowl.

Thank you for your time and reading my thoughts I hope you enjoyed this so I thought it would be cool to leave you with this to check out!.


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